Top three things EVERYONE is saying about FUNNER!

New can be better, but it can also be confusing at times. Don’t worry, we’re offering some simple answers to three of the most common head-scratchers when it comes to Funner, CA. You’re welcome.

#1 – “WHAT is Funner?”

EASY! Funner is a place where your wildest dreams dream even wilder ones. Still not getting it? Get your learn on here.

#2 – “OMG. Funner is NOT a word.”

OMG. We’ve been saying it since day one. It’s not a word, it’s a place.

#3 – “Is David Hasselhoff really your mayor?”

Sure is. We even have a Mayoral Suite where you can book a stay in the very same room with the very same bed to lay your head on the very same pillow where The Hoff slept. Massive signed portrait of the Knight Rider himself included. Pretty rad.

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