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Spiked: Funner’s Craftiest Cocktail Bar

Making craft cocktails is not about doing things the easy way, but the delicious way. This is something that our friends at Spiked put into practice everyday.

But we’ve realized that there is so much going on behind the bar that our guests don’t know about. Nifty things like the house-made creations hiding in our refrigerators—sitting, waiting, infusing until they have reached perfection.

The Spiked menu offers six different infusions with flavors like strawberry rhubarb, basil grape, vanilla coffee and apple. If you’ve read our blog then you know there’s also a melon liqueur infusion that’s part of our secret menu.

All of our infusions begin with top shelf spirits like Russian Standard Platinum Vodka or Four Roses Bourbon. They are then infused with all-natural ingredients like fresh strawberries, whole cloves of garlic and brown sugar to give these exceptional spirits a one-of-a-kind flavor.

Because all of our infusions use only natural ingredients, you’ll never have to worry about artificial flavors or colors. One quick sniff of our melon liqueur and you’ll think you just cut into a fresh cantaloupe—something you can’t say about Midori.

Each of our infusions sit in our refrigerator anywhere from four to 10 days to reach the perfect balance between spirit and taste-bud-tingling flavor.

You can drink these infusions straight or order one of the many specialty cocktails that they are featured in. Not too ironically, the most popular of these signature drinks is the Popular Demand, which features the strawberry rhubarb infused vodka, pavan, lime and basil lemon syrup.

If you’re looking for something with a little more kick then we dare you to try Dante’s Inferno. This bold cocktail is made with our garlic basil infused vodka, Spiked’s specialty tomato juice, bitters, Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale syrup and garnished with a house pickle.

If you’re a traditionalist, we suggest you give your favorite go-to drink a swift kick in the pants with the perfect infusion flavor. The next time you order a White Russian, for example, try swapping the Kahlua for our coffee vanilla infusion made with Diplomatico Anjeo Rum, fresh brewed coffee and real vanilla pods. Or maybe swap the spirit in your Midori Sour for our natural melon liqueur.

Remember, these infusions are only available at Spiked, here in Funner, California. So which cocktail will you sip first?