It’s not a word, it’s a place.

Have you heard of a place where your wildest dreams dream? It’s where the sun always shines and the Lazy River plays on repeat. Where the funLESS go to have fun. What if we told you this place actually exists?

It’s no secret that Harrah’s Resort SoCal is your number one resort for fun. And why wouldn’t it be? When your fun meter needs a swift kick in the pants, we have the boot. With award-winning food, SoCal’s only Swim-up Bar and more gaming fun than you can throw dice at, you’d have to work really hard to not have a ridiculously amazing time here. That’s the beauty of it. Fun isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. It’s why we encourage hoarding that 44-ounce Ritanator to yourself or making that 5th trip to the dessert station at the Buffet. Because when you proudly waddle away from the Buffet to your poolside cabana, you’ll say “Damn, this place is way Funner than those other guys!”

So, why Funner? Easy. It drives us. It’s embedded in our culture. It’s our whole existence. When you visit us you’re immersing yourself in a unique experience unlike any other in the world. So unique that you could say you’re visiting Funner itself. Well, you’re doing just that. It’s a real place, with real people, who have real fun. Pretty bold creating a city called Funner, CA huh? Nah. We live it every day so why not reside in it. We’ve set the bar…and we aren’t stopping there.

We’re still sensing some disbelief. That’s ok. We’ve created an unforgettable place. Just ask our unforgettable Mayor. Every city has one right? Except that our city is the only place in the world where the person running the show is as memorable as the location itself. We can’t tell you who he is yet, but he is truly amazing… just ask his car. Check back with us soon as we announce the first official Mayor of Funner, California!