Coming into office with colossal gusto, David Hasselhoff had an immediate plan as the first mayor of Funner—to have fun. Where most mayors give speeches, sit behind mahogany desks and sign letters day after day, Hasselhoff speaks to your soul and he knows what your soul wants.



You want The Hoff.

He’s giving you just that.

While enjoying your stay at the number one resort in Funner, CA Mayor Hasselhoff is never too far away. Pull up to the front doors and you might do a double take as he snags your bags and welcomes you with a smile.

While sippin’ margs or knocking back ice cold beers poolside, The Hoff might save you from thirst by hand delivering your next round…in slow motion. Pretty un-mayor like, huh?

As an international icon and household name, David Hasselhoff is understandably a busy man. If you miss him on your next visit don’t get discouraged—he’s left plenty of pieces of himself to be found around the property. Like his 40 gold albums…40. Gold. Albums.

Or the Emmy he recently won for “Hoff the Record” as Best International Comedy (trust us, this one’s binge worthy). Or an autographed photo showing off his softer side that’s permanently posted in the Mayoral Suite. Or the iconic Baywatch slots just begging to be played.

In a recent interview with ESCAPE Magazine, Mayor Hoff declared: “I want to show people how to have fun on their adventure to Harrah’s. We’re still planning on what will be fun, but most of it will be a surprise… the mayor will show up at different places unannounced and people will get a real kick out of it.”

It’s pretty clear that The Hoff isn’t a typical mayor—exactly what an a-typical city like Funner needs.