What is Funner, CA?

Funner is a place where your wildest dreams dream. A place where the funless go to turn it all around. It’s the newest destination and place to be in Southern California.

Where is Funner, CA located?

In addition to residing deep within your imagination, Funner is conveniently located between San Diego and Los Angeles, nestled in a mountain valley along the San Luis Rey River. If you are craving panoramic views and good old-fashioned fishing, Palomar Mountain is less than a 30-minute car ride away.

What type of things can I do in Funner, CA?

The fun you’ll find in Funner is really up to you. The city of Funner is home to Harrah’s Resort SoCal, Rincon Reservation Road Brewery, a limitless Lazy River, the only Swim-up Bar in SoCal, a newly renovated world-class spa, restaurants of all flavors and fanciness, and so much more.

Is there anything to do near
Funner, CA?

We can’t be everything to everyone every day of the week (or can we?). For a serene spot for some sipping, head 4.2 miles down the road to Hill Top Winery. Need to fill that adrenaline desire? La Jolla Zip Zoom zipline is your spot. Need a hug? Get your snuggles in with a sloth at Nurtured by Nature. Not enough? Check out more options here.

Why would you name a city
Funner, CA?

Easy! The idea drives us. It’s embedded deep in our core. It’s our whole existence. When you visit us you’re immersing yourself in a unique experience unlike any other in the world.

You know funner isn’t a word, right?

Of course we do! BUT it is a place!

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