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  The Ying to David’s Yang. The brains to David’s brawn. The original smart car. Knight Industries Two Thousand, KITT, is the crime-fighting partner from Knight Rider we all wish we had. Friday September 7 – Sunday September 10 only, we have a special VIP on property—KITT, the official vehicle of Mayor David Hasselhoff. Please don’t touch. KITT … Continue reading VIK PARKING ONLY


What is Funner, CA? Funner is a place where your wildest dreams dream. A place where the funless go to turn it all around. It’s the newest destination and place to be in Southern California. Where is Funner, CA located? In addition to residing deep within your imagination, Funner is conveniently located between San Diego … Continue reading FUNNER FAQs


I find the fun in not taking yourself too seriously. We forget to have fun in life, I forget to have fun, and I constantly demand that people remind me to have fun. Because we are living a blessed, fantastic life and also you can win a lot of money, which is a lot of … Continue reading Hoffisms